Reseller Program "easy"

Become a reseller of and!


This program is intended for people who know a lot of other people or small to medium sized businesses who can't be bothered with things like invoicing or setting up accounts. A commission is paid to the program participant for each new customer brought to and for every yearly account renewal thereafter. No costs or setup fees are involved to join this program.

To qualify as a reseller for the Reseller Program "easy" you only have to fill out and submit our application form.

A commission of 10% is paid up to a transaction volume of USD 15,000.00. The commission paid for amounts exceeding the transaction volume of USD 15,000.00 is 20%.

The transaction volume is calculated of the sum of any yearly fees (new customers and account renewals, excl. setup, upgrades and registration fees) for or services within one year. Please don't hesitate to contact us to ask for the commission rate on higher volumes.

How to get started

Firstly, you will have to apply to be a member of the Reseller Program "easy" by filling out and submitting our application form. After receiving the completed application, we will provide you with your Reseller-ID and a Sign-on link for our email registration form.

Secondly, to credit your transaction volume balance, this Reseller-ID will need to be quoted everytime a customer of yours signs up with or for the first time. To link a new customer to your Reseller Account during the sign-up process, place your own Si
gn-on link on your website or in your email signature. Please note that renewals will be credited automatically to your transaction volume.

One year after the start date (which is deemed to be the day our email with your Reseller-ID is sent), we will calculate the balance of your Reseller Account and inform you accordingly by email. Upon receipt of your payment instructions, we will transfer the money to your bank account. Please note that as a general rule, your commission balance has to be at least USD 150.00 to be eligible for a payout, due to administrative/banking costs. Any accumulated commission balance below USD 150.00, will be carried forward into the next period. You may also request to use part of your commission balance to pay for another service. Payout requests for commission lower than USD 150.00 can be made at extra cost (see below).
"easy" Terms and Conditions
  • Only accounts (new or renewals) that are paid for on the day of calculation will be credited to your transaction volume balance.
  • All credits to your transaction volume are valid after receiving the appropriate payment.
  • Any payments in EUR or CHF added to your transaction volume balance will be converted with a quarterly adjusted exchange rate.
  • All calculated volumes are exclude amounts that refer to credit card fraud, chargebacks, bad debt and credits for cancelled services.
  • A new account can only be linked to either a Reseller Account or to the bonus program.
  • Our bank's charges are at our expense, your bank's charges are at your expense.
  • If your commission balance reaches USD 1,000.00 you can request an immediate payout.
  • If a payout is requested for amounts smaller than USD 150.00, an additional charge of USD 15.00 to cover additional banking/administrative costs will be deducted from the commission balance.
  • You can use part of your commission balance to fully pay for another service. The commission balance cannot be used to partially pay for other services.
  • To participate, you have to be a customer of
  • General Terms & Conditions for's Reseller Program are an integral part of this program.