Reseller Program "business"

Become a reseller of and!

This program is intended for people who already have an existing customer base and want to resell our service using their own reseller domain name. You acquire from us an Email Server according to your desired account volume. The opening and managing of the accounts as well as the invoicing and accounts receivable is done by you, the Reseller.

As a "business" Reseller, you will need your own domain name. The smallest possible account volume for an Email Server is USD 540.00 per year*. To apply for this program, please fill out and submit our application form.

Your account volume* will be charged as follows for any new account or renewal thereof:
  • USD 15.00 for a Basic Account
  • USD 27.00 for a Standard Account
  • USD 39.00 for a Professional Account
This equals a commission of 40% on our prices. Price changes of will change the reseller prices accordingly.

For referrals of customers for services other than those listed above, for example Professional Account with own domain and services, the terms of the Reseller Program "easy" will apply.
* The calculation of your account volume usage is based on the actual account types in use. Below you will find an example of how your account volume could be used:


  Purchased Account Volume

USD 540.00

The Account Volume is purchased for one year. The minimum yearly Account Volume is USD 540.00.


  - 10 Basic Accounts - USD 150.00  
  - 6 Standard Accounts - USD 162.00  
  - 3 Professional Accounts - USD 117.00  
  Total used Account Volume (as of today) USD 429.00  
 Balance Account Volume (as of today) USD 111.00 This balance would allow for another 7 Basic Accounts or 4 Standard Accounts or 2 Professional Accounts to be opened or any combination thereof.
How to get started

Apply for the Reseller Program "business" by filling out and submitting our application form. Upon receipt of your application form and your payment of the desired account volume (min. USD 540.00) for your Email Server, we will provide you with your Reseller-ID and a Sign-on link for our email registration form. The Reseller Account will allow you to open and manage your accounts. To link a new customer to your Reseller Account during the sign-up process, place your Sign-on link on your website or in your email signature.

"business" Terms and Conditions
  • The invoicing and collection of funds for an account is at the sole responsibility of the Reseller.
  • A new account can only be linked to either a Reseller Account or to the Bonus Program.
  • If the Sign-on-link is used, then the new customer will be automatically linked to your Reseller Account and will get your domain name during the sign up process.
  • For any services sold using your Reseller-ID but not your domain name (e.g. Professional Account with own domain and services) the commission rates and the terms and conditions of the Reseller Program "easy" will apply.
  • You can increase your account volume any time by further installments of at least USD 360.00. All bank charges are at your expense. Payments can be made by credit card. To decrease your account volume the minimum amount is USD 100.00.
  • As a "business" Reseller, you profit from the difference between the amount we charge you for an account and the amount that you charge your customers. You are free to charge your customers based on rates as published on our web site, or different rates. You are free to charge monthly service charges and/or set-up charges, depending on what your market will bear.
  • To participate, you have to be a customer of
  • General Terms & Conditions for's Reseller Program are an integral part of this program.